The Bourke Street Fund

Bourke Street

On 20 January 2017, tragedy struck in the heart of Melbourne. Innocent lives were lost, and families were devastated, due to a senseless act.

Victorians showed remarkable courage, and came to the aid of family, friend, and stranger. More than four thousand Australians have donated to the Bourke Street fund to support the families of those who died or were seriously injured during the Bourke Street tragedy.

The Bourke Street Fund has now closed and the funds raised have been provided to bereaved families and those who were hospitalised as a result of the incident. This gift from those who donated to the fund is in addition to support people are able to access through the Transport Accident Commission, WorkSafe and other insurance schemes.

The attack in Bourke Street has far reaching impact on the community. If you, your family or people you know are having difficulty coping with the event and its aftermath support is available to help you deal with what you are feeling by contacting 1800 226 226.

What the fund will be used for

The fund will be used to provide financial support to assist the families most affected by the Bourke Street tragedy.

This includes funding for people’s immediate and longer term care and support needs and could include funeral costs, psychological support and care needs depending on the family.

Support available

It is normal to have strong reactions following a distressing or frightening event, but these should begin to reduce after a few weeks.

People can experience a range of physical, mental, emotional and behavioural reactions.

There are many things you can do to cope with and recover from trauma.

Seek professional help if you don’t begin to return to normal after three or four weeks.

Further support around trauma.

Where to get help

General telephone counselling services

Government agencies

Transport Accident Commission (TAC)

The first thing you need to do is lodge a claim with the TAC. It doesn't matter whose fault the accident was, the TAC is here to help you recover from your injuries and get your life back on track after an accident.

Find information on who can claim, how to claim with the TAC and how the TAC can help you if you've been in an accident.

Victims Support Agency

The Victims Support Agency (VSA), within the Department of Justice and Regulation, is the official Victorian Government Agency helping people in Victoria manage the effects of violent crime. VSA represents people affected by crime, coordinating a whole-of-government approach to services for victims.

Victims of Crime Helpline
The Victorian Government’s Victims of Crime Helpline offers information, advice and support for you and your family.
Open: 8am to 11pm, 7 days a week
Call 1800 819 817
Text: 0427 767 891

WorkSafe Victoria

Are you an injured worker? Follow the worker journey to find out how to make a claim and what you can do to get back to work quicker.

Are you an employer? Follow the employer journey to find out what to do if one of your workers gets injured, and how you can help them return to work.

Visit the WorkSafe Victoria website.

Bourke Street Fund Panel

The Bourke Street Fund Panel will make decisions on how money donated to the Fund should be spent, in consultation with the Victorian Government and with a focus given to the families of the deceased. The members of the Panel are:

  • Mr Ken Lay APM (Chair) – Former Commissioner for Victoria Police
  • Ms Carol Schwartz AM – Chair of the Women’s Leadership Institute Australia and prominent business leader
  • Ms Wenda Donaldson – Australian Red Cross, Director of Victoria Operations

Public vigil

Read about the public vigil for the victims and those affected by the tragic events in Bourke Street Mall on Friday 20 January 2017 that was held on Monday 23 January at Fed Square.

Share your condolences

We invite you to share your condolences for the victims.

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