Build or update a feature on Single Digital Presence

Notifications to government agencies on how to request a new feature.

If you require a new feature to be added onto the Single Digital Presence or an update to an existing feature, please raise an request with the SDP support team via JIRA Service Desk.


  • When you get to the welcome page, scroll down to the SDP Support Request link.
  • Use the summary box to name the enhancement needed.
  • Select ‘Platform Enhancement’ in the support severity dropdown menu.
  • Use the description box to tell us more about what you need and why.

What happens next

The request will be reviewed against the existing roadmap.

  • If it is on the roadmap, functionality of the feature and indicative timings of the release will be communicated.
  • If it is not on the roadmap, it will be evaluated for suitability and prioritisation. This may then lead to funding of external development by the Government agency.

Any development by other agencies and /or their vendors must adhere to SDP’s coding standards. For any features to be added and supported to the SDP core distribution, it must adhere to the functional and technical suitability criteria.

Reviewed 04 April 2019

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