In May 2020, the Victorian Government announced a $2.7 billion Building Works package, to build the projects and create the jobs that matter to Victorians.  

The Building Works investment includes nearly $500 million to repair, upgrade and build more than 23,000 social housing properties across Victoria. Further funding will also go to improvements in disability accommodation.

All building and upgrade works will deliver safe and secure housing for more Victorians, while also giving the Victorian economy the boost it needs right now.

The investment includes:

$155 million – maintenance and upgrade works

More than 15,000 social housing properties will undergo maintenance and upgrade works – like painting and roofing - that can be delivered quickly.

$110 million –renovations to social housing properties

2,100 public housing properties will receive upgrades and renovations such as brand-new kitchens or modern bathrooms, improving livability for Victorian families.

$50 million – maintenance upgrades to community housing properties

Community housing providers will receive funding to undertake similar maintenance and upgrade work on social housing properties they manage or own.

$58 million – brand new social housing

We're delivering brand-new social housing.

$125 million – rapid response projects

Rapid response projects will provide housing and support sooner for women and children escaping family violence, Aboriginal Victorians, and people leaving State Government services.

$30 million – disability accommodation

In addition to the $498 million package, a further $30 million has been invested to upgrade more than 450 Specialist Disability Accommodation properties across the state.

Reviewed 15 November 2020

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