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Illustrated image of two blue banded bees and matted flax lily

Traditional Owners have been living in Victoria for over 40,000 years and have deep wisdom about the plants, animals, seasons and rhythms of the land. Today, their knowledge of living in harmony with the land is as relevant as ever. These events and resources can help bring these lessons to life.

Victoria nature festival ambassadors, Stephen Korp and Kayla Baksh

Meet our cultural ambassadors

We are honoured to introduce you to our Victoria Nature Festival 2022 cultural ambassadors Kayla Baksh and Stephen Korp.

Our cultural ambassadors provide guidance on the Victoria Nature Festival and will appear in videos as part of the festival, sharing how they connect with, care for and heal Country in their lives and with their communities.

Learn the importance of Country from our cultural ambassadors

Reviewed 03 October 2022

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