Child information sharing pathway

A checklist for professionals using the Child Information Sharing Scheme.

  1. Ask children and/or adults about other services they are engaged with.
  2. Talk to them about your obligation to share information under the scheme.
  3. Identify needs and risks and any child wellbeing and safety issues using professional practice frameworks.
  4. Consider the child’s social, cultural and individual identity and circumstances.
  5. To identify, assess and manage family violence risk, use the Family Violence Multi-Agency Risk Assessment and Management Framework and the Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme.
  6. Consider whether sharing or requesting information could support a child's wellbeing and safety (consider whether information can be shared under other permissions).
  7. Identify other services it would be useful to share information with or request information from. Confirm that they are a prescribed information sharing entity (consider whether information can be shared under other permissions).
  8. Form a belief that sharing may help to:
    • make a decision, assessment or plan
    • initiate or conduct an investigation
    • provide a service
    • manage a risk to a child or group of children
  9. Consider whether the information is excluded under the scheme or another law.
  10. Seek and take into account the views of the child and relevant family members if it is appropriate, safe and reasonable to do so.
  11. Share or request relevant information in a safe and secure way.
  12. If family violence risk is present, share according to a relevant safety plan.
  13. Inform individuals about how their information has been shared if it is appropriate, safe and reasonable to do so.
  14. Keep accurate and complete records.
  15. Follow up with the other services and continue to work collaboratively with them.
  16. As needs and risks change over time, continue to use this process to request or share information.

Reviewed 22 February 2019

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