Collaboration and community

Working together for the benefit of the community is what many of you said is important in your feedback. But despite our passion and desire to do more, there are still some barriers to overcome.

12/08/19 13.00pm

Meet Geoff Beggs. He is driving One VPS work around technology.

This includes how we can align our IT systems between departments to make this easier to work together to better serve our community. 

This is just one of the ways the One VPS team are working towards a more seamless and connected VPS with the help of people, process and technology. 

One VPS team member Geoff Beggs smiling

Supporting a more flexible workforce

'By using technology in a smarter way, we can start to tackle some of the pain points we were told about during the One VPS focus groups. Things like frustration when wanting to collaborate across departments.'  

We want it to be easier to move between departments – physically, virtually and as employees. We want to better connect the expertise across different areas of the VPS, generating value beyond the sum of the parts – getting a better job done to benefit Victorians.

To do this, we are looking at different ways to streamline the common technologies we use every day, like heading towards a unique ID, universal email and shared calendars."

Community focus helps us all

By taking a community perspective One VPS hopes to make it easier for VPS staff to deliver services to the community. 

'If we take a citizen perspective, it can be daunting and confusing to navigate an end-to-end process across multiple agencies without shared systems. The same can be true for us.'

Because government is intricate and multi-faceted, VPS staff become expert in their domain, understand their immediate handoff points, and work hard to deliver their component well. But the broader picture can elude us or be just too time-consuming to manage.

Our systems should support us in doing our job but should also help us uncover and engage with the broader picture and stakeholders. That’s how we stop Victorians sometimes falling through the cracks in their times of greatest need.

Consultation to get it right 

Geoff is leading consultation on technology issues with the CIO Leadership Group, existing whole of government Enterprise Solutions Branch in DPC and Secretaries and Deputy Secretaries.

Together, One VPS is working with stakeholders across the VPS to:  

  • accelerate Whole of Government Solutions 
  • speed-up ‘cut-through’ decisions 
  • find opportunities to standardise corporate systems and productivity tools

Reviewed 11 October 2019

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