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In the Victorian Public Service (VPS) we already deliver great work for the Victorian community. We continue to improve with innovative projects that show the power of working together.

However, the needs of our community are ever changing and increasing in complexity – they are not restricted to a single department or agency.

To continue to meet the needs of the community, the VPS has a responsibility to continually empower and enable its people to be innovative in their work.

Get advice and tips on how you can improve collaboration and innovation in your work.:

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The benefits of collaboration and innovation

Collaboration and innovation supports the VPS to:

  • use the wide range of skills and expertise across the VPS
  • tap into the different perspectives and needs from our community
  • create a unified and positive experience for those accessing government services or doing business with government

What One VPS is doing

Creating a seamless back-office to support VPS staff is a key deliverable for One VPS.

Procurement and grants are two common areas that will be improved by working together across the VPS.

This will:

  • make it easier for government to purchase goods and services
  • improve the way external suppliers deal with government
  • reduce cost, time and deliver better value from public funds

Procurement reform

Procurement is one of the most common activities across all Departments and agencies across the public service. To buy common goods and services The Victorian Government uses centralised government contracts or State Purchase Contracts (SPCs)

One VPS is working with the Department of Treasury and Finance on two key areas that will help the VPS work better together:

Reviewing existing contracts to find how the Victorian Government can get better value and looking at new contracts for services not covered.

Strengthening procurement expertise and administration across government, including the use of shared systems, in line with the Statement of direction for procurement systems

Creating a grants hub for Victorian Government

One VPS is exploring how an existing model by the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR) to centralise grants could be expanded to service grants needs across government.

The current service in DJPR brings together specialists in grants management to:

  • administer and manage grants, including using a common shared system
  • work with program areas and subject matter experts to ensure grants are meeting their intended purpose
  • provide a grants evaluation service for the Department

A centralised service will support better quality outcomes for the community by:

Building the level of grants management expertise in government, helping get better value from current grants.

  • reduce administration and costs
  • provide stronger evaluation of grants activities
  • make dealing with government a more seamless experience, reducing the administration cost for organisations working with government

Accelerating technology projects that unify government

One VPS is working with Departments and the Enterprise Solutions Branch in the Department of Premier and Cabinet to accelerate a number of projects that will support innovation and collaboration across the VPS.

This builds on existing initiatives across government that help unify the experience for the community, such as Service Victoria and Single Digital Presence.

Unique Staff Identifier

This project looks at how we can give all VPS staff a persistent and unique staff ID that doesn’t change between roles or departments. This can help better manage staff working across the service and collaborate on projects.

For more information, see: Statement of Direction for workforce identity and access management and Statement of Direction for Human Resources Systems

Common workplace environment

Having common systems and tools for VPS staff will help increase collaboration and reduce administration to help public service staff focus on delivering services to Victorians. This is a focus of the Workplace Environment Statement of Direction

This includes the implementation of common collaboration tools:

  • common email address -
  • common collaboration tools - Office 365 - shared email clients, calendar, word processing, conferencing

One VPS Challenges

One VPS will be running VPS-wide challenges to help increase mobility, collaboration and innovation across the public service.

This will include building a toolkit to help VPS staff tackle barriers that need cross-department engagement and support. One VPS will be utilising this toolkit to address some whole-of VPS challenges, such as:

  • creating common diversity and inclusion policy
  • developing an overall VPS staff induction

One VPS Challenges will support the great work that is already done by a cross-government community-of-practice groups to:

  • reduce cross-department barriers
  • build common processes and policies

Reviewed 15 October 2019

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