Complex image - Design System

Display a complicated image or graphic in an accessible format.

When to use the complex image component

This complex image component allows users to view images in different formats.

It's used to present complicated graphical information like charts and graphs.

The complex image component can be added to the body content of any page.

As well as the image and caption, the component allows a user to:

  • View a high resolution version of the image in full screen.
  • View the image in an alternate format (such as a table).
  • Download an alternate format of the image (such as an Excel file).

Example of a complex image

Sanctions for breach of an SEO

Shows the process of Sanctions for a breach an SEO. First a warning, then a court facilitated conciliation, infringement and then summary offence.
Report 2 - Expert Panel on Terrorism and Violent Extremism
Download Sanctions for breach of an SEO

Create a complex image component

Find instructions on how to add a complex image component, by visiting our Publications page.

Reviewed 15 July 2019

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