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For general enquiries (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday):

The above contact details are not monitored for family violence support. We'll respond to emails during business hours.

If you’re in immediate danger, dial 000. If you need family violence support or assistance with the care and wellbeing of children and young people, please visit The Orange Door.

Information sharing and MARAM

Request documents, make a public interest disclosure or provide feedback

  • Freedom of Information Act

    The Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Vic) (‘FOI Act’) gives you the right to request access to documents about your personal affairs and the activities of Family Safety Victoria.

    Under the FOI Act, you can ask Family Safety Victoria to correct inaccurate, incomplete or out of date information that it holds about you.

    Whenever possible Family Safety Victoria will make information available when requested. However, under the FOI Act, Family Safety Victoria can refuse access to information in certain circumstances, such as documents containing information provided in confidence; documents subject to legal professional privilege; or where the document contains information about the personal affairs of another person.

    How to make a request

    If you wish to make an FOI request to Family Safety Victoria, the FOI Act requires you to:

    • submit a written request that clearly specifies the document/s or types of documents you want to access
    • pay an application fee or request that the application fee be waived

    An FOI request cannot be processed unless both criteria are met. Please include in your request your contact phone number, address or email, so we can contact you and provide you with a decision.

    If you are seeking access to documents held by Family Safety Victoria, containing personal affairs information about you, please also provide a copy of your certified photo ID, such as your driver’s licence or passport.

    If you are seeking access to documents held by Family Safety Victoria on behalf of someone else (such as a legal representative or advocate), please also provide copies of:

    • your certified photo ID, such as your driver’s licence or passport
    • a letter confirming the basis that you are acting on their behalf and authority from the relevant person to release their information

    Where to send your request

    Your request can be emailed to or posted to:

    The Freedom of Information Officer
    Family Safety Victoria
    GPO Box 4057
    Melbourne VIC 3001

    Application fee

    A statutory fee of $29.60 (as of 1 July 2019) applies for all FOI requests. We accept payment by cheque (by post), made out to the Department of Health and Human Services.

    If you are seeking a waiver of the application fee, please provide evidence that payment would cause you financial hardship, such as a health care card. Please note if you are asking for copies of your own personal documents, the application fee will not apply.

    The Act also allows us to charge, where reasonable, for access to documents. We will tell you if this applies and what the charges will be. Access charged will not apply if you are seeking your own personal records.

    More information

    For more information, visit the Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner’s website.

    Find our Part II Statements.

  • The Public Interest Disclosures Act 2012 (‘the Act’) encourages and facilitates the process for people to make disclosures of improper conduct by public bodies or public sector employees, and protects persons who make those disclosures. Public interest disclosures used to be known as whistle blowing.

    The Act provides for confidentiality of the content of public interest disclosures and the identity of people who make them.

    Who can make a disclosure?

    Any individual or group of individuals can make a disclosure. A disclosure cannot be made by a business or company.

    What can I make a disclosure about?

    You may make a disclosure about the improper conduct of and detrimental action taken by public bodies or public officers performing public functions. Improper conduct includes corrupt conduct, and/or conduct by a public officer or public body in that capacity including (but not limited to):

    • A criminal offence.
    • Serious professional misconduct.
    • Dishonest performance of public functions.
    • Substantial mismanagement of public resources.
    • Substantial risk to the health and safety of others.

    For more information about improper conduct, find the Public Interest Disclosure Procedure and fact sheet (below).

    How can I make a disclosure?

    You can make a disclosure verbally by phone or in person, or in writing, by email or letter. You can make an anonymous disclosure if you want. You cannot make a public interest disclosure by fax.

    Disclosures about Family Safety Victoria or any of its employees and/or officers can be made to the Public Interest Disclosure Coordinator:

    Family Safety Victoria can only receive disclosures about Family Safety Victoria and its employees. If your disclosure is made to a person or entity that is unable to receive your disclosure, it may not attract the protection of the Act. If in doubt, disclosures can be made to the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC):

    • Level 1, North Tower 459 Collins Street Melbourne VIC 3000
    • GPO Box 24234 Melbourne VIC 3001
    • Telephone: 1300 735 135

    More information

    Please refer to the Public Interest Disclosure Procedure or the Factsheet below:

    Any enquiry concerning Family Safety Victoria’s procedures for the management and handling of public interest disclosures should be directed to the Public Interest Disclosure Coordinator (see contact details above).

    More information on the Act and IBAC's procedures are available on the IBAC website.

  • Family Safety Victoria is committed to ensuring that the experiences of families are valued, understood and acted on.  We welcome your feedback as it helps improve how we work. 

    Family Safety Victoria is responsible for delivering family violence reform, including overseeing The Orange Door.

    We can always do better. We will listen to and learn from your feedback about Family Safety Victoria, whether it’s a compliment, complaint, idea or suggestion.

    How to submit feedback

    You can share your feedback about Family Safety Victoria through one of the following ways:

    1. call 03 9085 0900 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, or
    2. email your feedback to

    If your feedback is about The Orange Door, please talk with a staff member at The Orange Door directly.

    Please note the above contact details are not monitored for family violence support. We will respond to emails during business hours.

    If you need help with family violence support, please visit The Orange Door. If you are in immediate danger, call 000.

    What can you provide feedback about?

    We want to know if you believe:

    • you are satisfied or dissatisfied with the policies, decisions or actions of Family Safety Victoria
    • you received satisfactory/unsatisfactory service at The Orange Door
    • you require more information or additional help with your choices
    • you have concerns relating to respect, dignity or privacy

    When handling your feedback, we will:

    • listen and treat you with courtesy, respect and dignity  
    • provide information that is helpful, accurate and easy to understand
    • respond to requests within a reasonable time, and
    • keep you informed of progress or delays.

    You can download an information sheet on providing feedback below:

    More information

    Need assistance?

    Let us know if you need an interpreter or assistive technology to submit your feedback. You can also ask someone to submit feedback on your behalf, however, we will need you to confirm that they have your permission to do so.

    Submitting feedback and seeking a resolution can sometimes involve sensitive issues. We will take into account, and be responsive to, any particular needs you may have in providing your feedback. We can also provide assistance and support throughout the process. Contact us about how we can better assist you to submit feedback.

    What happens to the information we collect?

    We recognise that your personal and health information should only be used or disclosed for the purposes for which we collect it, or for a related purpose that you would reasonably expect.

    The investigation of your feedback may involve sharing your personal or health information with relevant areas within Family Safety Victoria, the Department of Health and Human Services, or a relevant service provider if they manage the matters identified in your complaint, are involved in the complaint or have a role in overseeing or managing the services provided.

    We collect and use personal and health information for monitoring, evaluating and improving our functions, and for meeting statutory requirements. Unless necessary for the purpose of the collection, we will remove any identifying details.

    You can view the privacy policies of Family Safety Victoria and The Orange Door.

    Want to remain anonymous?

    Family Safety Victoria welcomes anonymous feedback. However, it may not always be practical to investigate your concerns or to provide you with an outcome without your identity or contact details.

    Other contacts

    You may also wish to take your feedback to one of the following organisations:

    • The Disability Services Commissioner assists people with a disability to resolve complaints. Phone: 1800 677 342
    • The Health Complaints Commissioner resolves complaints about healthcare and the handling of health information in Victoria. Phone: 1300 582 113
    • The Mental Health Complaints Commissioner can assist if your complaint is about a public mental health service in Victoria. Phone: 1800 246 054
    • The Victorian Ombudsman can investigate complaints about State and local government authorities. Metro: 03 9613 6222 and regional: 1800 806 314
    • The Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner will investigate complaints about a failure to comply with the Information Privacy Principles. Phone: 1300 006 842
    • The Victims of Crime Commissioner aims to improve services and systems within government departments, victims service providers and the justice system to meet the needs of victims of crime, including reviewing complaints about services provided to victims of crime. Phone: 1800 819 817.

    For information about how you can provide feedback about a family violence service that the Department of Health and Human Services provides and/or funds go to the department’s ‘Making a complaint’ page.

Reviewed 04 December 2020

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