Coronavirus (COVID-19) information for owners corporations and residents - Cladding safety

Fact sheet for owners corporations and residents about coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions, and the Cladding Rectification Program.

This fact sheet provides advice to owners corporations and residents about how coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions affect the Cladding Rectification Program (the Program) and outlines the precautions we have put in place to keep residents safe while this work occurs.

Are apartments still being inspected?

Cladding Safety Victoria (CSV) and its advisors are still conducting inspections on apartment buildings. However, we are only entering private apartments where:

  • it is absolutely necessary and safe to do so
  • apartment occupiers consent to the entry
  • apartment occupiers confirm that neither a confirmed case nor a close contact will be present during the inspection
  • apartment occupiers confirm that any persons regularly residing or present in the apartment and previously diagnosed with coronavirus (COVID-19) have been cleared by the Department of Health and Human Services for at least 14 days

All workers entering common or private property must follow all necessary safety precautions including wearing and proper disposal of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). This is for the safety of both workers and residents.

What safety protocols are in place to protect residents while works are underway?

Cladding Safety Victoria has a COVIDSafe Plan in place. Our consultants and contractors are also required to have their own COVIDSafe Plans. 

Read more information about COVIDSafe Plans including how they protect workers and residents against coronavirus.

Builders undertaking rectification works will be required to:

  • communicate with residents through the owners corporation about when and where works will be taking place
  • ask residents to avoid close contact with workers for safety reasons
  • ask residents to wear masks, in line with public health advice, and make extra masks available if residents need them in common spaces
  • make hand sanitiser available in common areas of the apartment complex
  • regularly clean frequently used areas and frequently touched surfaces
  • display density quotient signage as required and other signage to support safe practices
  • display safety signage in common areas and entrances, exits and main thoroughfares, elevators, and lifts and other areas commonly used by residents 

How will a suspected coronavirus (COVID-19) case on-site be handled?

If a worker suspects they may have coronavirus (COVID-19) or if they are showing any symptoms, they have a requirement to inform their site manager and self-isolate immediately. The site manager will implement their COVIDSafe Plan.

The site manager is also required to inform Cladding Safety Victoria to ensure the steps outlined in the COVIDSafe Plan are followed.

Cladding Safety Victoria will communicate this information to the owners corporation so they can alert owners and residents. 

How will a confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) case on-site be handled?

In the event of a confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) case at a cladding rectification site, Cladding Safety Victoria will inform the owners corporation as soon as possible. The owners corporation is required to inform owners who must ensure that residential tenants are also alerted.

The necessary steps to ensure the site is safe and cleaned and other necessary steps outlined in the COVIDSafe Plan will be followed if a worker tests positive to coronavirus (COVID-19).

What should an owners corporation do if a tenant tests positive to coronavirus (COVID-19) at an apartment complex where cladding rectification works are underway?

The owners corporation should inform Cladding Safety Victoria immediately if a building occupant tests positive to coronavirus (COVID-19).

Information about a positive case of coronavirus (COVID-19) will allow us to act swiftly and implement safety precautions outlined in our COVIDSafe Plan as quickly as possible.

Owners corporations have been encouraged to provide residents and tenants with safety information about coronavirus (COVID-19).

Where can I find more information?

Each building in our program has a dedicated Customer Liaison Officer who can discuss how relevant coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions apply. Visit Cladding Safety Victoria's get in touch page for contact details.

Information to builders and practitioners involved in the cladding rectification program about what they must do to keep workers and residents safe:

Reviewed 20 July 2021

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