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Our Publications template allows you to create an accessible online publication.

It features:

  • chapters/sections as sub pages so your publication is easy to navigate
  • pagination between sections
  • print-friendly option for each page of the publication
  • automatic menu creation which lists each of the child pages

Create the publication landing page

Go to the Content tab, select Add content, then Publication.

Complete the following fields as needed (items marked with an asterisk are mandatory):

  • Title*
  • Date of publication
  • Copyright: select from Copyright or Creative Commons
  • Publication author: Department or branch that owns the publication
  • Introduction text: this can be a long description of the publication
  • Summary*: this is a short description of the publication and is picked up within search engines
  • Topic: for example, Business or Education
  • Tag: audience for the publication, for example, Students
  • Site*: where this publication lives
  • Primary site*: the website design/branding you'd like to apply to your publication

Add Body content to the landing page

You can add the following as body content components:

  • Accordion: allows you to add a list with heading and expandable sections
  • Complex image: allows you to add an image and accessible information
    • Title
    • Image
    • Source
    • Corresponding data
    • Label for view in full screen
    • Label for data/additional information
    • Label for download
  • Basic text


Here you can upload a PDF or Word version of your publication. This will appear on your publication landing page and all sub pages/sections.

Click Save once you're happy with your latest draft.

You'll need to save your publication landing page to be able to add the chapters for your publication.

Create a new chapter for your publication

Once you've created and saved your landing page, you will see a Children tab. This means you'll be able you can start adding child pages from your landing page. This is usually each chapter of your publication.

Select the Children tab:

Select Create new Publication page.

Page Header tab

Click on the Page Header tab and add a title for the child page. The Publication/Parent page should remain as the landing page for your publication.

Complete the following fields if needed (items marked with an asterisk are mandatory):

  • Publication/parent page: this will default to the landing publication page*
  • Title*
  • Introduction text
  • Summary*

Body Content tab

Select the Body Content tab to add Content Components to your publication. This can include components like Basic Text, Accordion, Image Gallery or Complex Image. For instructions on using these content components, visit our Body content components page. Instructions on Complex Image can be found below.

Add a complex image to your publication

When you're building out the content for your page, you have the option to add a complex image.

Click on Component type and select Complex Image.

Here you can complete the following fields:

  • Title: For example, Figure 3: Establishment activities
  • Image: Upload of the image to no larger than 818 px wide
  • Source: For example, The Orange Door 2018 evaluation
  • Corresponding data: Here you can include a detailed description of the content included in the infographic, table, chart or image.
  • You can also change the title fields which display the following options for an image:
    • view the image in full screen
    • show data or additional information
    • download the image

Example of fields for a complex image

Displays the fields to be completed when adding a complex image. Fields include Title, source, image, and labels to download, view the image in full screen or view more information about an image.

Create more chapters for your publication

To add more chapters to your publication, you'll need to search for the landing page of your publication in the Content search. For example, Department of Premier and Cabinet Corporate Plan, and select Edit.

Search for you publication landing page in the Content section of the Content Management System

Here you'll need to select the Children tab and Create a new Publication page.

To add a new chapter to your publication, select the Children tab

You can also use the icon/grabber beside each of your chapter titles to reorder your chapters. Once you're happy with the order, select Update child order.

Making your publication live

You'll need to publish the landing page and each of your children pages.

Once your publication is live, your landing page and children pages will include:

  • a navigation that includes each of the publication's chapters
  • Print this page option
  • download of the publication
  • if a child page has been selected, pagination to the previous and next chapter 
Publication landing page including chapters, print option, download and navigation

Live example of a publication

Visit our Department and Premier Corporate Plan page to see a live example of a publication. 

Reviewed 28 August 2019

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