Victorian Centre for Data Insights

We support the Victorian Public Service (VPS) to make better decisions underpinned by data.

We offer a range of services to Victorian Government departments and agencies ready to take the next step towards stronger decisions and better outcomes.

Our services

Strategic services and advice

  • Drive data reform in your organisation

Advice and partnerships to help develop your data and analytics strategy. We show you how to baseline and measure success. Depending on your organisation’s needs, we can provide:

  • support to develop and implement data strategies
  • help to identify your organisation’s workforce capability and data governance gaps
  • resources and advice to build capability in your workforce
  • advice on data management, governance and ethics
  • guidance on what works well elsewhere in government that you can learn from

VCDI strategic services and advice VCDI strategic services and advice PDF (167.05 KB)

Training and immersive support

  • Build high performing data-driven teams

Tailored training and coaching that works to build high performing data-driven teams. Our immersive approach focuses on implementing change on the ground with teams operating in the performance, evaluation and analytics space. We can provide:

  • help to understand the areas where your team can improve and be more data-driven
  • coaching on best practice ways of working to achieve your objectives
  • guidance on running change programs and pilots to foster data-driven work practices
  • advice and resources on tailored professional development for staff and executives
  • access to networking opportunities, including the VPS Data Analytics and Insights Community of Practice

VCDI Training and immersive support VCDI Training and immersive support PDF (168.03 KB)

Analytics and insights services

  • Partnerships to conduct data projects that use analytics

We bring together and analyse data to enhance your understanding about what works, and why. We’ll take you through the full analytics process – including diagnosing your business problem to helping design, develop and deploy solutions. We can work with you to:

  • explore and understand how data can address important business problems
  • co-design analytics solutions to the problems you have identified
  • develop data analytics and statistical models
  • embed new analytics solutions to inform policy making and service design

We can also help resolve common business problems, including:

  • enabling more effective targeted services
  • identifying which projects would achieve the greatest value first
  • identifying early intervention points
  • optimising or better distributing resources

VCDI Analytics and insights services VCDI Analytics and insights services PDF (173.21 KB)

Technology services and data integration

Advice and support to set up technology environments and integrate data to help you achieve rich policy insights. We can provide:

  • support to set up your organisation’s technology environment and integrate data
  • advice on how to build the right data and analytics environment
  • guidance on product options and procurement
  • help to find and procure data within government
  • support to derive insights from data held across government

How we work

We work with teams and organisations that demonstrate a clear commitment to change and to become data-driven – starting with the leadership group.

Our services are offered on a partnership basis and we work closely with our project partners.

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