Data Reform Strategy

Using data to improve services for Victorians

Improving the Victorian Public Service’s use of data is part of the Victorian Government’s ongoing commitment to better meeting the evolving expectations of Victorians which have been driven in part by a digital revolution which they experience every day through interactions with external organisations such as retailers.

Key priorities

1. Incentivise better use of data

2. Establish a data linkage and analytics environment

3. Develop the capabilities of people in the public service who develop policies and services

4. Strengthen and streamline analytics processes

5. Drive data analytics innovation.

Acknowledging the pace at which data and technologies change, the strategy is designed to evolve as some challenges are overcome and others emerge, whilst always maintaining a focus on data-driven decision-making.

Download the strategy

  1. A Data Reform Strategy for the Victorian Public Service A Data Reform Strategy for the Victorian Public Service PDF (1.59 MB)

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