The creation of the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (DFFH) will allow for a dedicated focus on the community wellbeing and the social recovery of our Victoria.

The newly formed DFFH will enable us to continue the extraordinary work of supporting Victorians, sharpening our focus on better services in 2021. It will also provide opportunities to deliver important work started before the pandemic and to lead bold and innovative reform.

DFFH will include the former Department of Health and Human Services portfolios of Child Protection, Prevention of Family Violence, Housing and Disability, ageing and carers.

DFFH will also be responsible for the key portfolios of Multicultural Affairs, LGBTQI+ Equality, Veterans, and the offices for Women and Youth enhancing the alignment with policy areas and portfolios focusing on the recovery and growth of our diverse communities.

DFFH departmental structure also supports Family Safety Victoria, Homes Victoria and Respect Victoria.

Reviewed 07 May 2021

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