About the charter

This Charter has been developed by leaders, for leaders. It outlines the behaviours they identified as most important to strengthen our leadership culture and position the department to deliver on our strategic directions of:

  • Person-centred services and care
  • Local solutions
  • Prevention and earlier intervention
  • Advancing quality, safety and innovation.

As a leader I will

  • Do what I say I am going to do
  • Be accountable for my actions and outcomes
  • Share responsibility when things go well and take responsibility when they don’t
  • Recognise good work and acknowledge good behaviour
  • Seek out and value other perspectives
  • Be fair, supportive and encouraging of staff
  • Deal promptly with poor performance, conflict and inappropriate behaviour
  • Give and seek feedback
  • Share information with staff when it should be shared
  • Work collaboratively with colleagues in the department, across government and with partners outside government
  • Develop staff and provide them with a safe, healthy and engaging workplace environment.

As a collective leadership group we will

  • Deliver on the department’s shared vision
  • Proactively progress our strategic directions
  • Contribute to robust debate and own the agreed decision
  • Present a consistent and united view to our staff and partners
  • Work as one, sharing the load and helping each other succeed
  • Keep the needs of the people we serve at the centre of everything we do
  • Constantly reinforce the importance of high quality services that support the safety and wellbeing of our clients
  • Call each other on inappropriate behaviour when we see it
  • Collaborate with our partners and stakeholders to identify and support person-centred innovation
  • Plan for longer term success as a steward of the VPS
  • Ensure responsiveness to Ministers and their offices.

In all that we do we will live by our values

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Care
  • Accountability
  • Innovation.

Reviewed 08 February 2021

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