How can I make the DIF?

The Digital Innovation Festival – or DIF – is seeking out excellence across the digital community and tech sector to host events that reflect the difference digital innovation delivers for business and society.

The DIF harnesses knowledge to create change for business, society and individuals. It is about contributing, collaborating, connecting and celebrating – making the DIF.



Innovation thrives on diversity of ideas and people so everyone is invited to contribute. The DIF is an open call to our tech community across the state.

Organisations to host events and speakers to share their passion for all things digital. Venues range from coworking spaces to corporate HQs - everywhere digital innovation happens.



Creating compelling experiences around what digital innovation means is the challenge. The DIF program is co-created as we can do more in partnership than individually.

Events are the main vehicle to deliver content, share expertise, debate the latest trends or to learn new skills in a hands-on workshop – whatever skill level area of interest, or stage of your journey.



The DIF provides a platform to connect with new ideas and different people in unique places. Innovation is often the result of chance connections that lead to change and improve productivity or lifestyle.

The DIF provides ample opportunity to mix it up. Everyone's DIF experience will be different, so why not try something new.



The DIF celebrates the success and ‘yeah-nahs’ that comes with innovation. At the pinnacle are the iAwards that shines a light on Australia's innovators.

Melbourne’s vibrant Meetup scene has events every night with tech leaders, startups and entrepreneurs pitching. The DIF celebrates this boldness and brilliance - the 'Victorian difference'.

The DIF is for everyone

The DIF is inclusive, whether you are a digital innovation novice or someone considered an expert in their field, it embraces a collaborative learning and contributory mindset across the entire community. The outcome being the growth of the digital economy, creation of jobs and the acceleration of future industries across our major sectors.


+    Leaders

+    Event Hosts

+    Speakers

+    Sponsors

+   SMEs

+    Volunteers

+    Technologists

+    Gamers

+    Designers

+    Developers

+    VC Investors

+    Showcase

+    Workshop

+    Pitchfest

+    Hackathon

+    Demos

+    Luncheo

+    Breakfast

+    Roundtable

+    Masterclass

+    Meetup

+    Expo

+    Associations

+    Industry

+    Businesses

+    Universities

+    Entrepreneurs

+    Startups

+    Co-working

+    Community

+    Local Gov

+    Chambers of Commerce


+    AI and ethics

+    Cybersecurity

+    Blockchain

+    Skills

+    Diversity

+    Data

+    Regional

+    AR and VR

+    Smart cities

+    IoT 

+    AgTech