What is the DIF?

The Digital Innovation Festival - or DIF - showcases and celebrates excellence across the Victorian digital and tech ecosystem.

The DIF brings together and promotes a range of digital innovation and technology events across the State. We invite international and interstate visitors to discover digital Victoria and Melbourne, Australia’s top ‘tech city’ offering the infrastructure, business environment, talent pool and lifestyle.

Festival goals

+   Celebration

DIF provides a platform to celebrate technology and the ‘Victorian Difference’. It connects local businesses, entrepreneurs, researchers, students, community groups and government across the State, highlighting the difference they make through digital innovation. It confirms Victoria's position as the innovation and technology centre for Australia.

+   Inclusion & Growth

DIF deliberately reaches out to individuals and businesses in all sectors across regional and metro Victoria to stimulate positive and productive engagement with technology.

+   Advanced Capability

DIF encourages interaction between research and business and startup communities, it values thought leadership and looks to the future as it supports the local development of, and interest in, broad and advanced technology capability.

+   International Engagement

DIF actively engages international tech communities and creates an environment that attracts international events and investment and trade visitors.

Core values

Collaboration Do more in partnership than we can do individually

Diversity Ecosystem thrives on diversity of gender and ideas

Innovation New ideas, processes or products lead to positive change and effect productivity or lifestyle

Creativity Capability of conceiving something original or new through a solutions focused lens