Design & build

Design and develop a digital presence

A comprehensive map of what to consider to start a digital project well. An essential reference for every digital practitioner.

Apply Brand Victoria

Every Victorian Government site needs some government branding to make it recognisable.  Find out how to apply Branding Vic. Links to the Branding Vic. guide for digital and includes the 'VIC' font.

Make content accessible (for people with a disability)

A complete, practical guide to making your content accessible for those with a disability, for example, a sight impairment. Includes free self-assessment tools.

Design forms

Good form design is part science, part art. Use this How-to guide to find the best ways to combine user research, good interaction design and frame great questions. Includes a comprehensive, technical form design guide.

Add a financial transaction

An introductory guide to the crucial considerations for adding financial transactions to a digital presence, for example, payment cards.

Set up a public consultation

The Victorian Government has a tool to build an online consultation for a project or other public initiatives called Engage Victoria. The How-to guide describes how to build and run effective online consultations. Includes templates.