Diverse Communities and Intersectionality Working Group

The Diverse Communities and Intersectionality (DCI) Working Group brings together representatives from the community sector, the Victim Survivors' Advisory Council and Victorian Government departments.

Our role

The DCI Working Group provides guidance and expert advice on the intersectional needs of diverse community groups across family violence and social service reform. The Working Group supports government to understand and respond to diverse communities in the design and access of family violence reform. 

Intersectionality describes how characteristics like gender, ethnicity/cultural background, socio-economic status, ability, sexual orientation, religion, age and geographic location, can:

  • interact on multiple levels to compound risks
  • create overlapping forms of discrimination and prejudice
  • increase service barriers and social and economic disadvantage


  • Women with Disabilities Victoria (Co-chair)
  • Victim Survivors' Advisory Council (Family Violence)
  • InTouch Multicultural Centre Against Family Violence
  • Victorian Aboriginal Community Services Association Ltd.
  • Mallee District Aboriginal Services
  • Gippsland Lakes Community Health
  • Seniors Rights Victoria
  • Youth Affairs Council of Victoria
  • Women’s Mental Health Network Victoria
  • Launch Housing
  • Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC)
  • Domestic Violence Victoria
  • Annie North Women’s Refuge
  • Western Region Centre Against Sexual Assault
  • Inner South Community Health
  • Multicultural Centre for Women's Health
  • Carers Victoria
  • Commissioner for Senior Victorians
  • Court Services Victoria
  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • Department of Justice and Community Safety
  • Department of Premier and Cabinet

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Reviewed 20 September 2019

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