Protecting Victorians

Through the Community Safety Statement and Ice Action Plan investments, we have made our streets safer, our health services more secure, and our justice system stronger.

Victoria Police has been working locally and internationally to reduce the supply of ice and other drugs, targeting online drug markets, organised criminal networks and clandestine laboratories.

But we must do more to keep Victorians safe from drugs. In addition to health measures that will save lives, we’ll make our hospitals safer, crack down on dodgy private providers, and further target dangerous drug traffickers.

Safer hospitals

Through a $40 million Health Service Violence Prevention Fund, more than 60 health services are receiving funding to make their facilities safer – including installing alarms, CCTV, behavioural assessment rooms and access control doors.

Poor quality, unsafe private providers

Vulnerable families will be better protected from poor quality, unsafe private drug and alcohol treatment providers, with the Victorian Health Complaints Commissioner having additional supports to step up monitoring and investigations into several private drug and alcohol treatment providers. The Victorian Government will continue to look for ways to strengthen oversight of private providers, and will keep urging the Commonwealth to introduce minimum standards for these services.

Getting ice off our streets

So far this year, the Victoria Police Clandestine Laboratory Squad has attended 135 illicit drug laboratories.

This work has resulted in the seizure of 11 kilograms of methyl amphetamine, 903 kilograms of crystal methyl amphetamine with an estimated street value of $898 million, and 300 kilograms of pseudoephedrine.

Given the large quantities of drugs which enter Victoria though maritime channels, the Victoria Police Trident Taskforce has conducted significant operations to disrupt and deter the supply of illicit drugs through maritime channels.

The Joint Organised Crime Taskforce has conducted a number of major operations during the year. This included an investigation that led to the seizure of 275 kilograms of methamphetamine that had been imported through the Melbourne Ports.

Another operation prevented the importation of 186 kilograms of cocaine from entering Victoria.

The continuation of national joint taskforces has resulted in the seizure of several hundred illegally imported firearms as well as the seizure of methyl amphetamine totalling 1,660 kilograms.

Tougher sentencing for drug trafficking

We have reduced the commercial and large commercial trafficking quantities to ensure harsher sentences can be laid against ice dealers. This reform was based on a recommendation from the Court of Appeal, which recognised the significant harm ice causes in our communities.

These reforms reduce the large commercial quantity of ice from 750 grams to 500 grams when pure, from 1 kilogram to 750 grams when mixed, and commercial quantities from 100 grams to 50 grams when pure, and 500 grams to 250 grams when mixed.

We will now introduce similarly tough laws to increase sentences for commercial heroin trafficking. We will work with key stakeholders, including Victoria Police, to finalise the exact quantities before legislation is introduced.

We are also developing reforms to target the role of organised crime in commercial drug trafficking. These new laws will be developed over coming months to target the organised criminals who put our kids at risk every day.