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Backfill contribution

Learn how to claim a backfill contribution for attending the Best Start, Best Life 2023 Educational Leaders Conference.

Conditions and eligibility

Employers of Educational Leaders from Victorian funded kindergarten services attending the Best Start, Best Life 2023 Educational Leaders Conference (conference) may be eligible to claim a contribution towards backfill for the conference day attended.

The following conditions apply:

  • A contribution can be paid to an Approved Provider of a funded Victorian kindergarten service only, not an individual, and is based on average mid-range rates per the table below. It may not cover the full cost of replacement staff.
  • Contributions will be paid for both in-person and online attendance at the conference.
  • Claims are subject to the department confirming the attendance of the individual about whom the claim is made using registration and/or log-in records.
  • Claims may only be made for Educational Leaders who work in a teaching role and would have ordinarily been required ‘on the floor’ with children on the day of the conference.
  • To claim this contribution, a fully completed claim form and an itemised tax invoice must be provided to the department (
  • Claims must be submitted between Wednesday 15 February 2023 and Friday 31 March 2023. Claims received after this cut-off will not be paid.
  • By submitting a claim form and tax invoice for a backfill contribution payment you acknowledge that your claim may be subject to an audit.


Information provided in your tax invoice is for the purpose set out above and is required to process your claim. Your information will not be disclosed without your consent or unless authorised or required by law.

You can request access to the personal information that the department holds about you and request that it be corrected by contacting

The department’s privacy policyExternal Link is available online.


Backfill contribution rates vary depending on the qualification of the Educational Leader attending the conference.

Qualification of attendee Net (ex-GST) daily backfill contribution rate GST Total (inc GST) daily backfill contribution rate
Early Childhood Teacher $383.00 $38.30 $421.30
Diploma or Advanced Diploma $290.91 $29.09 $320.00
Certificate III $260.00 $26.00 $286.00

Instructions for making a claim

To claim a backfill contribution payment, please complete the attached formExternal Link .

Provide the completed form, and a tax invoice raised by the Approved Provider, via email to between Wednesday 15 February 2023 and Friday 31 March 2023. Claims received after this cut-off will not be paid.

Tax invoices must specify the following information:

  • Tax invoice number
  • Date of tax invoice
  • Organisation (Approved Provider) name and address
  • Organisation (Approved Provider) ABN
  • Description line must include either or all of the following, as relevant:
    - conference name, attendee’s name, service name and service number, i.e. “Best Start, Best Life 2023 Educational Leaders Conference, Mary Smith, Service XYZ, SE123456”
  • GST exclusive amount
  • GST amount (if applicable)
  • Total amount (inclusive of GST if applicable)
  • Organisation (Approved Provider) BSB and account details for payment.

Address the invoice to:
Department of Education
GPO Box 4367
Melbourne Victoria 3000

Reviewed 30 January 2023

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