Story: Emily wants investment in services to help women affected by family violence

As a feminist, I believe passionately in the role women play in our world. Family violence is something too many women face, and these experiences have a profound impact on the women and children who survive them. If we are to create a world where women and girls can thrive, we need to create a world where family violence doesn’t exist.

My whole career has been focused on social change and reform, and I’m excited to be a part of the family violence sector at a time of such incredible promise. I want every Victorian to stand against family violence – but more than that, I want each of us to stand for equality and respect, and to understand the value of a world in which women and girls are safe, equal and respected.

Change starts with people. Women around Victoria have been working together for decades to support victim/survivors of family violence and to put family violence on the political agenda. I will continue to support change by encouraging specialist family violence organisations and practitioners across the state to bring their wealth of knowledge to the reform agenda.

I will continue to support change by working in partnership with government, and participating in evidence based, robust public discourse on the issue of family violence. And I will continue to support change by leading a strong, expert, feminist organisation and developing the skills and expertise of the next generation of family violence prevention and response practitioners.

I believe I can change things because we’ve already seen change happen. Slowly but surely, incremental change is occurring in this country. More than ever, people understand what family violence is. In Victoria, the time is ripe for once-in-a-generation reform and I’m excited to be a part of it.

I think things will change if we work together across sectors and services, in partnership with government and with the women and children who access our services. We need to invest in specialist and mainstream services that can support women wherever they’re at in their journey. But more than that, we must find the courage to work on long term, state-wide strategies that will prevent violence against women from happening in the first place.

I want to see change because every woman and child in Victoria (and around the world) deserves to have a happy, healthy, safe, enjoyable and fulfilling life free from violence, harassment, discrimination and inequality.

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Reviewed 02 August 2019

Family violence reform

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