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Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Ovarian cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed gynaecological cancer in Australia and the most common cause of gynaecological cancer death.

Each year close to 1,500 Australian women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer and each year more than 1,000 Australian women die from this disease.

There is no early detection test.

Ovarian Cancer Australia (OCA) supports women living with ovarian cancer and their family and friends. OCA also encourages women across the country to KNOW the signs and symptoms, KNOW their family history, KNOW how to help and KNOW the stories of women with ovarian cancer.

In order to raise awareness of ovarian cancer and support Ovarian Cancer Australia in its work why not consider holding an "event" – a morning or afternoon tea, a lunch, a picnic, a golf day, a dinner with your colleagues, family and/or friends. Once you've worked out what you’d like to do, then register an event with Ovarian Cancer Australia. When you register your Afternoon Teal (teal is the international colour for ovarian cancer), you will receive an Afternoon Teal support pack.

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