Family Safety Victoria Corporate Plan 2019-2020

This plan outlines our key priorities as we strive to deliver the changes needed to help end family violence and better support families.

We are building a system that focuses on prevention and early help, strengthens the quality of all services, pivots the focus to the perpetrator of violence, and bring services together across sectors.

Family Safety Victoria cannot do this alone. It requires collaboration across government, justice, police,community services sectors and the broader community to affect the system change we need to keep women and children safe from family violence.

Our key area of focus for 2019-2020

Family Violence and Gender Inequality are not tolerated.

  • Use innovative engagement approaches in partnership with victim survivors, communities and the sector to develop a responsive family violence system, built on the principles of Aboriginal self-determination, intersectionality and inclusion.

Victim Survivors, Vulnerable Children and Families are supported to recover and thrive.

  • Design new service models, informed by lived experience that supports integrated, victim centred and inclusive responses. Design is supported by new flexible funding model, and better understanding of demand and performance.

Perpetrators are held to account, engaged and connected.

  • Overcome barriers to sharing information at the right time, to keep women and children safe and keep perpetrators in view. Engage with perpetrators to hold them to account and help change their behaviour.

Preventing and responding to family violence is systemic and enduring.

  • Deliver initiatives to grow the workforce and enhance skills, capability, wellbeing and health and safety for the specialist family violence sector and primary prevention sectors.
  • Improve the way data is collected, shared and used to measure how the reforms are reducing family violence.

This corporate plan outlines activity for the next 12 months however a number of the reforms will require many more years of dedicated work to implement and embed.

Download our corporate plan 2019-2020

Reviewed 21 October 2019

Family violence reform

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