Family Safety Victoria marks International Day of People with Disability

19/12/19 4.51am
L-R: Jen Hargrave (WDV), Chris Jennings (DVVic), Natasha Jones (safe steps), Dan Stubbs (Disability Worker Commissioner), Jenna Davey-Burns (FSV), Peter van Vliet (DHHS NDIS Branch), Marianna Codognotto (Office of the Disability Services Commissioner)

On International Day of People with Disability Family Safety Victoria (FSV) hosted over 70 staff and guests for presentations from members of the Disability Family Violence Crisis Response reference group. Members of this group are from Domestic Violence Victoria, safe steps, Office of the Disability Services Commissioner, FSV and WDV.

Presentations covered general inequities experienced by women with disabilities and focused on the compounding risks of gender-based and disability-based violence.

Feedback from attendees included the following comments:

"Really impactful and brought attention to the urgency of this issue"

"Deeply moved by personal stories and understanding the lived experience of people with a disability"

"I’ll continue to think about respectful relationships and how to advocate for a dedicated package for special schools"

"Always a winning combination for people who are writing policy and can sometimes feel disconnected from the work on the ground. You could have heard a pin drop - people were so engaged"

"Incredible event that really helped shape my perspective. I didn’t realise the enormous service gaps that existed."

Reviewed 23 June 2021

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