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Family violence support


You might be surprised where family violence starts.

Sexist jokes and disrespectful comments can seem harmless enough, especially if they’re within relationships, right? The same goes for someone controlling the purse strings. That’s not your business either …

Forget that. These things are at the root of family violence. They create the culture that enables it. So if we want to live in a community where women and children are safe, these things are our business. And if you don’t call them out, who will?

When to call it out

Bottom line? If it makes you feel uncomfortable or just doesn’t sit right with you, call it out. As long as you feel safe to.

So it might be someone:

  • making a sexist joke
  • demeaning a family member or putting them down
  • controlling how their partner spends money
  • constantly insisting their partner tells them what they’re doing or where they’re going
  • insisting on going to the doctor with their partner
  • trying to stop their partner seeing friends or family

If you don’t feel confident to call it out, there are still things you can do.

How to call it out

Bottom line here? You don’t have to say much. Just something.

Watch the videos  and you’ll hear guys saying things like: “That’s not funny mate” and “That’s not okay.”

Call it out in public

Call it out at play

Why is it so important to call it out?

Because family violence will continue affecting women, children and our communities if we don’t change the culture that fuels it.

At its worst, this sees one woman murdered by her partner or former partner in Australia, every week.

And if we don’t change the culture where violence against women is common, supported and excused, we won’t be able to stop this. The research shows this culture is made up of things that support gender inequality, like:

  • sexism
  • harassment
  • rigid gender roles
  • stereotypes about masculinity and femininity
  • men controlling women (their finances, decisions or independence)
  • men talking about women aggressively or disrespectfully, including within male friendship groups

So, why is it so important to call these things out? Because they're where family violence starts.  They create a culture where violence against women is common, is supported and excused.

Where to get help

If you, or someone you know, is experiencing family violence help is available.