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Develop a 10-year industry plan for family violence prevention and response

Recommendation 207 - In Progress

The Victorian Government develop or commission the development of a 10-year industry plan for family violence prevention and response in Victoria, to be delivered by 31 December 2017, with commensurate funding for workforce transition and enhancement to begin from that date. The plan should cover:

  • the workforce requirements of all government and non-government agencies and services that have or will have responsibility for preventing or responding to family violence - among them specialist family violence services, perpetrator interventions, police, legal and justice services, and universal and secondary service systems
  • remuneration, capability and qualifications, workforce diversity, professional development needs, career development and workforce health

What we are doing

Government departments and relevant sector representatives are working together to develop a 10-Year Industry Plan for family violence prevention and response in Victoria. This has included:

  • The establishment of an Industry Taskforce as the key advisory and consultation body on the development of the 10-Year Industry Plan and associated workforce and sector reforms in Victoria.
  • The development of a strong evidence base for the 10-Year Industry Plan by undertaking a census spanning the range of workforces playing a role in preventing, identifying and responding to family violence.
  • Extensive and ongoing engagement with the sector and the broader community, including intensive 10-Year Industry Plan consultation sessions with the members of the Industry Taskforce

The 10-Year Industry Plan will build on work underway to pave the way for a more systematic approach to workforce planning and development of the specialist family violence and primary prevention sectors, as well as strengthening workforce capability with regard to family violence across community services, justice, health and education sectors. This will position Victoria as a leader in the delivery of best practice primary prevention initiatives and services for people experiencing or using family violence.

The development of the 10-Year Industry Plan is being guided by the Industry Taskforce to ensure strong sector input. The taskforce has broad cross-sector representation, drawing on the expert advice of peak bodies and service providers across the specialist family violence, primary prevention and community services sector, as well as representation from courts, police and corrections, unions, and research, education and training providers.

Where we are up to

The 10-Year Industry Plan will be launched in December 2017 and will be government's plan to build highly skilled and capable workforces in preventing and responding to family violence across the community services, justice, education and health sectors. It will ensure highly valued specialist family violence and prevention workforces and address issues such as diversity of these workforces, worker health and wellbeing as well as career pathways.

The 10-Year Industry Plan will be built on a detailed and comprehensive understanding of the workforces that prevent and respond to family violence in Victoria. To build this understanding, Victoria's first family violence workforce census was undertaken in April and May 2017. The census collected data across the range of workforces that have a role in preventing, identifying and responding to family violence, including data on access to professional development, cultural safety, inclusive practice, diversity in the workforce, health and wellbeing and career aspirations.


Forecast end date: 31 December 2017.

Who is leading the change

Department of Health and Human Services

Family Safety Victoria