Find a job

Access government support to improve your skills and find work that matches your strengths.

Pay the bills

When you're looking for work, it can be a stressful time. The bills are still coming in.

If you're struggling to pay the bills your first step should be to talk to the National Debt Helpline . They offer free, independent and confidential advice.

If you want help to budget better , use MoneySmart.

You may also be eligible for Centrelink Job seeker benefits and some Victorian Government concessions and benefits .

Get prepared

Understand your strengths

Take the Job Outlook Career Quiz  to see which jobs you'll thrive in.

Explore job options

Knowing there are jobs available is an important first step in narrowing down your options.

You can check jobs in demand by location and industry with the Victorian Skills Gateway Occupations Explorer .

If you're in a regional area you can also see what businesses and government projects are in your area using My Victoria .

You may also be considering starting a business. Visit Business Victoria to see Is starting a business for you ?

Skill up

Skills and Job Centres offer free, personalised career planning support. There is one at every TAFE in Victoria.

Find your closest Skills and Jobs Centre

If you're thinking about a different job Career Switch can give you other options based on your current job. 

We're also currently offering Free TAFE for in demand courses.

Find out which TAFE courses are free

You may also need a check or a licence such as a Working with children check. You can get these through Service Victoria .

Apply for jobs

There is different support for you depending on where you are in your jobs journey:

  • general jobseekers : Jobs Victoria lists job search websites and has tips on preparing for the application process
  • under 25 : Youth Central includes how to create a resume, job application letter, get work experience and nail an interview
  • facing retrenchment : Jobs Victoria has support for retrenched workers 
  • moving from overseas : Live in Melbourne includes information on visas, qualification transfers and understanding the Australian job market

Job seekers, especially those living in public housing, can access Work and Learning Centres  for personalised support services. 

If you're interested in a government job visit Careers Victoria . We offer pathways for young people, Aboriginal and disability employment.

The job application process can be a stressful time. Use the Better Health Channel's Stress busters  for support.

Starting your job

Starting a new job is exciting but can bring new challenges.

When you start your employer should ask you to:

You can check if you're classified as an employee or a contractor .

You can also get information and support on:

Reviewed 29 May 2019

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