Submit a forest report

Guidelines and how to submit a timber harvesting or threatened species report.

We make sure that timber harvesting and related activities in our state forests take place by the law.

Anyone can report the detection of threatened species or potential compliance issues in timber harvesting areas.

We need some mandatory information to submit a report:

Who is submitting the report (contact details)? Include the number of observers in the survey

What were the observations? Information relating to the alleged offence and offenders. E.g. physical descriptions, vehicle/machinery details, laws allegedly beached, nature of activity

When (date and time) was the observation/survey? Include start and end times of survey efforts

Where is the verifiable location of the observation as a grid reference (in any format)? Include coupe ID/name

How were survey techniques used? E.g. 1km transect or flora quadrat

Other Information: map displaying location. Observation species name and/or common name and how many (if more than one). For flora, an estimate of the number of plants, or area covered.

Evidence: original (unedited) copies supporting the allegation e.g. photographs or video

Conservation Regulator will maintain confidentiality of report sources.

Please submit your forest report by using the form below.

If the form above cannot be used, reports and supporting evidence can be submitted by email: