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General information for community housing tenants

A key objective of the Victorian regulatory system for the community housing sector is to improve tenant outcomes and protect investment in the sector in accordance with the Housing Act 1983 (Vic).

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The Housing Registrar engages with tenants and prospective tenants through its case (complaints) management system.

This complaints function exists primarily to ensure that if a registered agency’s complaints management system is not operating as intended and in accordance with the Housing Act 1983External Link (Vic) (Housing Act) and gazetted Performance Standards, tenants and prospective tenants can escalate unresolved rental housing matters to the Registrar of Housing Agencies.

This function gives the Registrar of Housing Agencies oversight of complaints management in the community housing sector and, importantly, provides protection to tenants and prospective tenants.

Performance Standards represent the minimum standard of operation required of registered agencies while registered under the provisions of the Housing Act.

Tenant and Housing Services Performance Standard

The Tenant and Housing Services Performance Standard is 1 of 7 standards that registered agencies are required to comply with.

Key performance criteria under this standard require that a registered agency be fair, transparent and responsive in delivering housing assistance to tenants, residents and other clients in relation to:

  • determining and managing eligibility, allocation and termination of housing assistance
  • determining and managing rents
  • setting and meeting relevant housing service standards;
  • supporting tenant and resident engagement
  • facilitating access to support for social housing applicants and tenants with complex needs
  • managing and addressing complaints and appeals relating to the provision of housing services
  • maintaining satisfaction with the overall quality of housing services

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Reviewed 03 June 2021

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