Gig Worker Support Service enquiry handling policy

When contacting the Gig Worker Support Service you can expect a level of service which adheres to key customer service principles.

The Gig Worker Support Service (GWSS) is committed to providing best practice customer service to gig workers and platforms.

Enquiries to the GWSS are received by Client Services Officers (CSOs) and triaged to ensure timely and accurate information is provided.

Our principles are:

Customer service excellence

The GWSS aims to provide high quality information and support to gig workers and platforms which educates and empowers them to understand their rights and obligations and where, and how, to get further help when relevant.


The GWSS aims to respond to enquiries received by email or webform within three business days. Where a customer is able to provide all required information, the GWSS will endeavour to provide first call resolution to phone enquiries.


The GWSS is free and available to those who are:

  • on-demand workers
  • on-demand platform operators
  • those who are considering entering the on-demand sector.

The GWSS will offer many points of access, with primary emphasis on the use of access by phone or via an online enquiry form able to be completed at any time.


The GWSS will make the process clear to those using the service, including the process for making a complaint against the services GWSS provides and their right to make that complaint should they be dissatisfied with the service.


Although the focus of the service is support for gig workers, the GWSS staff are bound by the Victorian Public Sector (VPS) Code of Conduct and the VPS Values and must show impartiality in responding to enquiries. The GWSS also has the important role of promoting the Voluntary Fair Conduct and Accountability Standards to platform operators.


The GWSS manage all enquiries with courtesy and fairness, and allows the enquirer the opportunity to be heard in relation to their matter.


The GWSS is accountable through the Secretary, Department of Premier and Cabinet. Anyone who is dissatisfied with the service provided to them may make a complaint by emailing the service on

Privacy and confidentiality

The GWSS handles personal information in accordance with the collection notice and privacy statement. Personal information is actively protected and will not be disclosed without the consent of the enquirer unless authorised or required by law.

Efficient and effective and equitable

The GWSS monitors and evaluates its effectiveness against specific performance criteria, including:

  • timeliness
  • the nature and quality of enquiry outcomes.

Acknowledging receipt of an enquiry immediately and prompt responses to the enquiry, with priority for those enquiries detailing an apparent serious risk to the health and safety, wellbeing or livelihood of a worker demonstrate efficiencies. An equitable service means that regardless of the means of contacting the service (phone, email or online enquiry) the quality of the service remains consistent for all users while also recognising that the same approach is not suitable for all users.

For example, low leveraged workers may need more help.

Cultural safety

The GWSS is committed to cultural safety for those using the service and for those delivering it. Professional interpreter services are available for users of the service.

The Victorian Government acknowledges the First Peoples as the Traditional Owners of the land on which the service is being provided. The GWSS is cognisant of the Victorian Government’s commitment to a ‘Voice’ in Parliament and a Treaty between the Victorian Government and First Peoples. The GWSS will enhance its understanding of the experiences for First Peoples working in the on-demand sector as the service matures. In this way, the service will continue to improve accessibility for, and cultural awareness of First Peoples.

The Report of the Inquiry into the Victorian On-Demand Workforce records that those working in the on-demand sector are culturally and linguistically diverse.

The GWSS is committed to reflecting the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities 2006 (Vic) in its service delivery.

Continuous improvement

The GWSS is committed to:

  • acting on insights
  • learning from our experiences and the feedback we receive from others
  • using complaints data to identify problems and improve services.

Compliance with the enquiries handling policy

The enquiries handling policy is to be complied with by all GWSS staff. Those using the services provided by the GWSS are asked to:

  • do their best to describe their concerns
  • respond in a timely way to requests for further information or documents
  • treat GWSS staff with respect and courtesy.