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Google Data Studio dashboards

Find out how to use Google Data Studio to visualise web analytics data.

To monitor the performance of your website, dashboards can be used to visualise relevant metrics and dimensions. Key information relating to your goals and measurement strategy should be added to your dashboard to help you decide what actions to take based on the available data.

There are a range of pre-built data connectors that pull data from data sources and allow you to visualise your web analytics data through graphs and charts. Connect to data sources such as Google Analytics and Google BigQuery to create a custom report.

Accessing dashboards

If you have been provided access to a dashboard you can access it via the shared link, or if a dashboard has been directly shared with your email address you can visit Link and sign in using your work Google account login details.

Google Data Studio has a range of templates that are available to use. You can select a template and connect it to your Google Analytics account, or you can create a custom dashboard to answer specific questions that are of value to your department or agency.

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Create a custom dashboard

Click Blank Report in the Google Data Studio interface to create a custom dashboard and then connect to the Google Analytics connector. Select the account, property and view you wish to connect to, then add the data to the report.

Charts and graphs can be added to the report and formatted to your liking.

Sharing a dashboard

Teams and individuals can be invited to view and edit dashboards. Access can be granted directly to a email address if a Google account has been created. Dashboards can also be shared by using the link-sharing featureExternal Link , which lets others view a dashboard even if they don’t have a Google account created.

To share the dashboard with others you can select the Share menu in the top right-hand corner of the dashboard.

Reviewed 17 June 2022

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