Graduate video: Chrissy is improving family violence services

Drawing on her criminology degree, Chrissy is in her dream job contributing to a more effective family violence system.

Graduate video: Hear from Chrissy about her time with the Victorian Government graduate program.

The diversity of the work opportunities is a real strength of this program.

I recommend the Victorian Government graduates program to people all the time. I did it in 2017, and some of my friends are actually doing the program now. The formal learning and development program was great, but being part of a group of peers to go through the year together was maybe even more important. I’ve developed a great professional network, but also made very close friends. Recently, a few of us even went overseas on holiday together.

New rotation every 4 months

I think a key strength of the program is the rotations between departments. I’ve been rotated into roles I would not have picked, but the exposure to really different areas has helped me think about my career differently. I’ve had incredible managers who’ve supported that growth.

I have a Bachelor in Criminology and I’ve almost finished my PhD in Criminology, both from the University of Melbourne. While I might not have chosen to work in the Medical, Technology and Pharmaceuticals Division of Trade Victoria – it turned out to be amazing.

During that rotation, I helped to host a high powered Japanese trade delegation to show our delegates Victoria’s capability in the MedTech Pharma space. It was quite thrilling to be part of engagements where millions of investment dollars were at stake.

I was blown away by our medical research and tech capabilities, and really proud to be representing Victoria.

Find your career in public service

Less than a year after completing my rotations, I can honestly say I’m in my dream job. I’m contributing to the implementation of recommendations from the Royal Commission into Family Violence. I’m researching better ways to serve Family Violence Intervention Order (FVIO) applications.

I hope that my work will contribute to a more effective family violence system, and help make a difficult time much easier for the thousands of people affected by family violence each year.

Reviewed 26 July 2019

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