Graduate video: Osman is applying his commerce degree in a variety of ways

Through data collections and reporting, he's making sure projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Graduate video: Hear from Osman about his time with the Victorian Government graduate program.

The Victorian Government values mean I can bring my whole self to work, free of prejudice or unnecessary judgment.

I also love that I am constantly involved in projects that help to shape Victoria in significant ways. Not many graduate programs offer this kind of meaningful work.

I studied a Bachelor of Commerce and majored in Accounting and Management. I also have an Advanced Graduate Diploma in Arts with a major in History. These qualifications allow me to ask questions about the world in new ways and challenge common premises.

In my experience in the Victorian Government, this creativity and innovation is really encouraged. I’ve also used my skills and commercial acumen.

Work has tangible outcomes

At Treasury, I worked on a program developing the commercial capability of our project managers. It’s for project managers across the Victorian Government, working on infrastructure projects worth tens of millions of dollars. The feedback is that our people are now more skilful and confident business managers, who get better value for our public money or even make savings. That’s a real tangible outcome for Victorians, from work I contributed to.

I don’t want to sound cliched, but I’ve been lucky enough not to have a typical day, per se.

The work at each of my three rotations has been really varied. At the Victorian School Building Authority, I was in the reporting team. We kept track of school building projects, reporting regularly to the Minister to make sure we stayed on track in delivering the government’s election commitments.

We used a range of data to keep track of any schools falling behind, and where to intervene to catch them up. There is a lot of money at stake, and delays could mean schools are late opening, so we monitored and reported really carefully. It feels so satisfying to be part of a project delivering new schools on time, into communities where they’re needed.

Executives really invest in graduates

I would recommend the Victorian Government graduate program. It’s exciting and you’ll learn a lot. The support networks and mentorship are great. Executives are genuinely interested in your development as a grad and invest their time to help us develop. That’s pretty valuable.

The key to success in the program is to have a good attitude and not be afraid to give everything a crack.

Reviewed 07 November 2019

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