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Grants Victoria is a directory of Victorian Government grants and assistance. Here you’ll find general information about grants and assistance for individuals, businesses and communities that can help you:

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Victorian Government includes Departments, statutory authorities and government business enterprises.

Grants include funding programs, individual grants, fellowships and scholarships.

Assistance includes help or support in various forms for example, government concessions, such as the seniors card and the winter gas concession, goods, such as water saving rebates and shower heads, or funds,  such as the community safety fund grant, for citizens of Victoria.

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  • Grants

    Government funding for individuals or organisations for a specified purpose directed at achieving goals and objectives.

  • Assistance

    Help or support in various forms (e.g government concessions, goods or funds) for citizens of Victoria.

  • Showing Grants & Assistance in Infrastructure Infrastructure
    • High-voltage Customer Assistance Program (HCAP)
      High-voltage Customer Assistance Program (HCAP)

      The Powerline Bushfire Safety Program (PBSP) was established to manage a $750 million program of works to deliver improved electricity assets and controls to reduce the likelihood that Victorian powerlines will be the cause of catastrophic bushfires in the future. One third of this program ($250 million) was funded by the Victorian Government, primarily to replace high risk overhead powerlines. Electricity distribution businesses are providing approximately another $500 million worth of work to PBSP, chiefly through the installation of enhanced powerline fault detection and suppression capabilities at 45 zone substations (ZSS) in hazardous bushfire risk areas. These capabilities are being delivered through the installation of Rapid Earth Fault Current Limiters (REFCLs).

      The Victorian Government recognises that HVCs may incur a substantial cost to become REFCL ready. In particular, commercial enterprises that are subject to the pressures of a competitive market for their goods and services may find it difficult to absorb the costs of making their electrical assets REFCL-ready. To relieve some of the burden on such HV Customers, the Government has committed $10 million to a High-voltage Customer Assistance Program (HCAP) designed to assist HVCs with part of the costs associated with the REFCL works. These funds will be capped and contribute up to 50% towards the actual cost of works for an HVC's chosen solution.

      Category: Infrastructure

      Type: Grants

      Eligibility: Businesses and For Profit Organisation

      Opening date: 14 August 2018

      Closing date: 20 February 2019

      Status: Closed

      Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

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