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Guide to seeking the Tribunal’s advice on paying a public service executive above the remuneration band

This guide is intended to assist employers to obtain the Tribunal’s advice in a straightforward and timely way, while meeting the requirements of the VIRTIPS Act.

January 2023

Public service employers must seek the Victorian Independent Remuneration Tribunal’s (Tribunal) advice whenever they propose to pay an executive above the band, which may occur with a new appointment, a reappointment, or a mid-contract remuneration review (section 37 of the Victorian Independent Remuneration Tribunal and Improving Parliamentary Standards Act 2019 (VIRTIPS Act)).

There are limited exceptions when an employer is not required to seek the Tribunal’s Advice (see “Exception to requesting the Tribunal’s advice”).

Any queries about the payment above the band framework, requesting the Tribunal’s advice or this guide can be emailed to

Reviewed 21 March 2023

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