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To support greater transparency, accountability and evidence-based decision-making, the Tribunal generally publishes the advice provided to employers on its webpage.

The Tribunal publishes advice provided to employers following the making of the Remuneration bands for executives employed in public service bodies (Victoria) Determination No. 01/2020 in May 2020 (the 2020 VPS Determination).

However, the Tribunal does not publish its advice for executives that were already employed and paid above the band when the 2020 VPS Determination was made or where the proposed TRP increase only reflects the annual adjustment guideline rate announced by the Premier.

The Tribunal’s advice will be published within 10 working days of being communicated to the employer. Summaries of the Tribunal’s advice may also be published.

In publishing its advice (or a summary of its advice), the Tribunal may disclose information about the executive position to which the advice relates. For example, the position classification and the TRP or TRP range the Tribunal considers appropriate for the position.

The published advice, however, will not include the name of the executive (where known), the TRP proposed by the employer or the details of other TRPs provided by the employer as supporting evidence.

Reviewed 16 January 2023

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