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To help you inform and engage stakeholders with your new content on, we’ve created social media assets and an email signature block that can be linked to your pages.

Email signature

A new way of finding Victorian Government information online. Visit the new and tell us what you think. Take a look.

How to add this to your email signature

Right click on the image above and 'save image as'. You'll need to save this image so you can upload it to your email signature.

Instructions on how to add an image to your email signature:

You can hyperlink this email signature block to your own content or to the homepage.

Social media

The following materials are available for you to share online. The content includes suggested messages and ready-to-post images formatted and designed to suit posting on social media.

If you need guidance on how to share these resources on social media please contact


A new way of finding Victorian Government information online


We've made it easier to find information on


We've been making improvements. Visit the new

Suggested caption

  • We've been making improvements to our information online. Visit [insert a URL to your content] and tell us what you think of our new website

Custom assets

We can tailor a social media or email signature asset to your content on If you would like a tailored asset contact

@VicGovAu Twitter

We have regular posts scheduled on the @VicGovAu Twitter, you can also repost these to your channels.

Reviewed 26 February 2019

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