Hero banner with call to action - Vic Gov digital guide

Add an image with a call to action, to the hero banner of a content page.

You can add a call to action and a hero image to a content landing page.

Once you have created the landing page content, you can add an image, blurb and link to a URL.

Example of a hero banner with call to action link and image

To enable the feature, you need to add an image to the Hero field. The image will need to be resized to the 818px wide x 496px high.

Hero image field

To add the blurb and link, select the Add Hero Banner with CTA within the Page Header tab.

Add the URL (this can be an internal or external webpage link) and the call to action text.

You have the option to select a Theme. This changes the colour of the blurb text to make sure it can be seen over the image:

  • If you have a light image, select the Light theme. 
  • If you have a dark image, select the Dark theme.

Reviewed 21 December 2018

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