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Hindu Festivals and Events

Receive up to $2,000 to hold Hindu festivals, events and celebrations

Not-for-profit groups

The Hindu Festivals and Events fund is a dedicated grant round to support and highlight Hinduism within Victoria. Successful grant recipients, through their festivals and events, will share the Hindu values of compassion, harmony and respect.

The Victorian Government will invest $200,000 in Hindu celebrations, events and festivals across four years. In the 2019-20 round, $50,000 of funding is available to support organisations to celebrate Hinduism through celebrations, festivals and events across the state. Applicants can apply for grants of $2,000.

The program aims to:

  • ensure that Victoria’s Hindu communities can celebrate, preserve and share traditions in meaningful ways
  • foster cross-cultural awareness, understanding and respect
  • showcase the vibrancy and contribution of Victoria’s multiculturalism through Hindu celebrations and events which encourage participation of the whole community
  • build the capacity of smaller or emerging Hindu community groups through the development of partnerships between community organisations


  • Read the guidelines for details on:

    • who can apply for a Hindu Festivals and Events grants
    • what applications will be supported
    • what costs cannot be supported
    • eligibility criteria
  • Eligible applications will be assessed against the program objectives and assessment criteria outlined in the program guidelines.

    Also consider:

    • why you are requesting funding
    • how your event, celebration or festival will include or benefit the wider Victorian community
    • how you will measure the success of your event

    Applications will be assessed by a panel of representatives from DPC and an external panel made up of the Victorian Multicultural
    Commission and independent experts (as required) before final endorsement by the Minister for Multicultural Affairs.

  • Applications have now closed.

    Complete the application form online.

    You need to attach all supporting documentation before you complete and submit your application.

    Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

    For more information or if you need assistance contact DPC on 1300 366 356 or email

Reviewed 03 December 2019

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