Housing Registrar reports

The Housing Registrar produces two annual reports: a Regulatory Update Report and a Sector Performance Report.

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The Regulatory Update Report provides an annual update on the work of the Housing Registrar and its impacts. This includes progress made in delivering the Housing Registrar’s Corporate Plan and reform projects, the performance of the Housing Registrar (including self-assessment and survey results from the sector), sector articles and upcoming priorities.

The Regulatory Update Report does not contain financial information relating to the operations of the Housing Registrar. This information is reported on in the Department of Treasury and Finance’s (DTF’s) Annual Reports, which can be viewed at

The Sector Performance Report provides analysis of community housing sector performance, including financial and non-financial data.

From 2018-19, the Housing Registrar report was separated into two separate volumes:

  • Sector Performance Report
  • Regulatory Update Report

This ensures that sector data is released to the public as soon as possible following completion and analysis of annual compliance assessments.






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Reviewed 26 February 2021

Housing Registrar

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