Key findings

Key findings from the Sector Performance Report 2020-21.

  • At 30 June 2021, there were 40 registered housing agencies that owned and managed 21,167 rental housing units (homes).
  • The sector employed 1,630 people. Note: This includes all staff employed by registered agencies across their businesses.
  • The sector owned 11,099 homes (52.4% of stock) with a value of $4.04 billion (an increase of 8.8% from the previous year).
  • The sector increased the number of homes it owned and managed by 767.
  • Thirty-eight registered agencies (95%) were assessed as meeting or having a capacity to meet compliance with all performance standards. Thirty-one of those were assessed as meeting all performance standards.
  • Registered agencies resolved 93.5% of complaints they received from current or prospective tenants within 30 days, demonstrating strong practices and positive complaints cultures.
  • The total value of housing assets grew by 8.9% to $4.04 billion. Total assets of the sector as at 30 June 2021 was $5.04 billion.
  • The sector maintained a surplus of $214.7 million, taking into account capital grants and other one-off items (e.g. fair value gains).
  • The sector received $179.1 million in operating grants (up 26%) and $67.3 million in capital grants (up 77%), mostly to deliver new housing and associated programs.
  • An additional $625 million in debt to fund development projects, reflected in the 14.6 percentage point increase in the debt to housing assets ratio to 25.3%.
  • A positive interest cover ratio of 2.6 continues to demonstrate the sector’s strong ability to meet its interest repayment obligations.