The regulatory framework

The Victorian regulatory system for community housing was introduced in January 2005, with the enactment of Part VIII of the Act.

The Assistant Treasurer and Minister for Regulatory Reform has portfolio responsibility for Part VIII of the Act, which establishes the Registrar to regulate community housing agencies in Victoria. The Registrar is supported by an administrative office, the Office of the Housing Registrar, located in the Department of Treasury and Finance, in delivering its functions under the Act.

The purpose of the Registrar is to enable the development, growth and continual improvement of the sector through
proactive, transparent and risk-based regulation that promotes tenant outcomes. The Registrar aims to deliver effective regulation that:

  • promotes the growth and continual improvement of the community housing regulated sector
  • protects government’s investment for the benefit of tenants, the community and future generations
  • delivers safe, secure and affordable housing solutions to Victorians.

The regulatory framework consists primarily of the Act, gazetted performance standards and intervention guidelines.

The performance standards represent the standard of operation required of registered agencies, which include:

  • Performance standard 1: Tenant and housing services
  • Performance standard 2: Housing assets
  • Performance standard 3: Community engagement
  • Performance standard 4: Governance
  • Performance standard 5: Probity
  • Performance standard 6: Management
  • Performance standard 7: Financial viability