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How our publishing workflow works

Submit a page for publishing or archiving in our content management system and learn what happens next.

Our publishing model operates on a distributed authoring model. This means that Victorian public servants working within departmental branches and agencies are upskilled to develop, create and edit pages themselves.

Everything you need to know about working in the CMS is provided for you in our content and CMS guidesExternal Link .

Below is a step-through of each of the stages in our publishing workflow.

Publishing standard time frames

The Single Digital Presence publishing hours are 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday.

Content updates on will be published within 2 business days from the time of request.

Larger updates, such as publications or multiple pages, may take longer to be published due to the nature of the quality checking.

After-hours publishing requests

After-hours publishing can be scheduled during business hours.

Exceptions include:

  • new messages from the Premier’s office
  • pre-approved launches where there is a public health or safety reason
  • updates to existing content if it is factually inaccurate.

What we will change and what we won't

Once you have set your page to needs review, the publishing manager on duty will check the page against the web content publishing checklist.

If the required changes are minor and don’t exceed 5 minor edits, the publishing manager will make the changes on your behalf and publish the page.

Edits made on a page will be described in the CMS page's revision notes.

If a page requires more than 5 minor edits, or the content requires re-wording or layout consideration, the publishing manager will return the page to draft status and contact the editor via the Federated publishing service desk.

We will also send your page back if it looks like there is something you have forgotten how to do and you need to practice. For example if your email addresses aren't correctly hyperlinked.

Content we edit on your page

Publishing managers may make the following minor edits on your content without consultation:

  • broken links
  • spelling errors
  • hyperlinking email addresses and phone numbers
  • fixing capitalisation or punctuation on bulleted lists
  • fixing heading hierarchy
  • add table of contents or button style if recommended.

Content we cannot change

Publishing managers will not make changes to any wording or layout of content without consulting the content editor.

Our publishing workflow

Reviewed 15 December 2022

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