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Why mobility matters

There are many advantages to improving mobility across government.

Better mobility will help by:

  • increasing transparency of job opportunities for secondments, or short-term and permanent roles
  • allowing staff to put their skills and experience to better use and meet community needs
  • promoting career paths and specialisations both across and within departments
  • building and retaining the professional network within the Victorian Public Service (VPS), reducing the need for contractors and consultants
  • less delays and administration when moving between departments (i.e. not having to repeat the same paperwork and forms)

What we need for mobility

To build mobility in the VPS we need:

  • Seamless and resilient back office: Common systems and processes across the VPS to make it easy for people to move.
  • Workforce capabilities: We need to have a common language around the capabilities needed within the VPS to allow us to build career paths, specialisations and training.
  • A culture of mobility: An openness by staff and hiring managers to promote and take up opportunities across the VPS

What One VPS is doing: Common HR systems and processes

One VPS is working with Departments to bring together the HR systems, known as Human Capital Management (HCM) systems, they use to manage staff. 

HCM systems help to:

  • manage information about employees
  • apply for and approve leave
  • manage learning and development
  • manage personal development plans (PDPs)
  • onboard new staff

Why we need common systems

In 2016, the Victorian Secretaries Board (VSB) endorsed a Statement of Direction for HCM. While many Departments use the same type of system, they don’t necessarily connect beyond each department as they have been custom built for each individual Department’s workforce.

One VPS is identifying the common needs across HR, to help build a system that can bring together the common elements but still allow for the individual needs of different workforces.

Standardising HR processes

One VPS will also work together with Departments to standardise the processes used to manage their staff across the VPS.

This will help:

  • better use shared data about our people
  • ease transfer of staff between departments, including large-scale transfers during machinery of government (MoG) changes
  • create a common experience with HCM systems across the VPS
  • make our system more resilient to change

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Reviewed 15 October 2019

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