A plan to build,

improve and

care for



Victorians deserve the best in infrastructure and services. That means schools and hospitals, public transport, roads and community safety. As Victoria’s population increases and technology emerges, we will have different infrastructure demands.

The Victorian Infrastructure Plan responds to Infrastructure Victoria’s 30-year Infrastructure Strategy. Released in December 2016, the strategy makes 137 recommendations. Each has been carefully considered in the government response.


Victorian Infrastructure Plan Victorian Infrastructure PlanPDF (6.69 MB) Victorian Infrastructure Plan Victorian Infrastructure PlanDOC (4.33 MB)


The plan itself takes a long-term view. It outlines Victorian Government priorities over the next five years and beyond. And it does so within a distinctive framework.

The government has taken an approach that recognises our changing and complex risk environment. So the plan considers aspects important to strengthening our infrastructure resilience. The vision is for this to occur in partnership with government, the public and private sectors.

We need to do more than just build new infrastructure. So the Victorian Infrastructure Plan tackles how to get more from our existing assets. This includes maintenance and minor works through to new policy directions and new technologies.

The Victorian Infrastructure Plan priorities and future directions are informed by the nine key sectors. These are where infrastructure policy and delivery is fundamental to our future. That’s because Victoria’s economic transition, future prosperity and maintaining high living standards depend on the decisions we make now.