About the plan

The Victorian Infrastructure Plan is our first long-term, statewide infrastructure plan

We live in a time of great change, opportunity and challenge. To make the most of this, we need to plan, prepare and adapt.

The Victorian Infrastructure Plan sets out our infrastructure priorities for the next five years. This includes the Victorian Government’s catalyst projects. The plan integrates investment thinking with new policy directions and looks at maximising benefit from existing facilities. So it’s about much more than building new assets.

Victorian Infrastructure Plan Victorian Infrastructure PlanPDF (6.69 MB) Victorian Infrastructure Plan Victorian Infrastructure PlanDOC (4.33 MB)

The intent

This plan aims to provide certainty about Victoria's current and future infrastructure priorities. It builds on the 30-year Infrastructure Strategy produced by Infrastructure Victoria and 12 months community consultation undertaken in the process.

The plan goes further than responding to 137 recommendations. It considers new developments and evidence to deliver a long-term infrastructure pipeline for the whole of Victoria. Activities are complemented by new ideas and initiatives that promote economic, social and environmental benefits . These will underpin Victoria’s future prosperity and standard of living

Plan scope

This plan is large is scale and ambitious in scope. It is not intended to include an exhaustive list of every activity. Rather, the Victorian Infrastructure Plan provides long-term direction across nine key sectors. It specifies priorities and funding over 1-5 years and lasting policy directions that align with Infrastructure Victoria’s 30-year timeframe.

This first edition of the Victorian Infrastructure Plan will be updated annually as part of the State Budget.

Victorian Infrastructure Plan downloads include full and abridged editions.