Plan framework

The framework provides the structure for the many priorities and future directions identified in the Victorian Infrastructure Plan.

The plan’s high-level vision and four objectives set out the future we are striving to achieve. Five principles guide our decision-making on which investments and policies matter most. Nine sectors organise government priorities and future directions.

Victorian Infrastructure Plan Victorian Infrastructure PlanPDF (6.69 MB) Victorian Infrastructure Plan Victorian Infrastructure PlanDOC (4.33 MB)


World-class infrastructure to strengthen Victoria as a global economy, an equitable society and environmental leader.

Five principles

The principles guiding government investment and policy priorities are:

  1. Maximise economic growth and job creation
  2. Support and strengthen regional Victoria
  3. Decision-making based on community need
  4. Optimise use of existing assets
  5. Planning today for future generations

Nine sectors

The plan’s broad view of Victoria’s infrastructure is represented in nine key sectors. These serve to organise the Victorian Government’s priorities, projects and reforms. They are: