The strategy

Infrastructure Victoria is an independent statutory authority providing advice to government on Victoria’s current and future infrastructure needs.

Infrastructure Victoria promotes rigorous and transparent decision-making to improve public debate about Victoria’s priority infrastructure projects. The authority has three key roles:

  • prepare a 30-year Infrastructure Strategy for Victoria
  • provide advice to the Victorian Government on infrastructure matters
  • publish research on infrastructure matters.

Infrastructure Victoria has a long-term, statewide approach in considering the state’s infrastructure needs. The organisation takes a broad view of infrastructure that covers many of the state’s major policy areas.

30-year Infrastructure Strategy

Infrastructure Victoria delivered Victoria’s first 30-year Infrastructure Strategy in 2016. The strategy results from a year-long conversation with communities across Victoria. It advises government on the state’s short, medium and long-term infrastructure needs and priorities.

The 30-year Infrastructure Strategy sets out 137 recommendations. Infrastructure Victoria believes these will deliver the best possible future for all Victorians. Recommendations range from new builds and upgrades, adopting new technologies and making better use of existing infrastructure.

The Victorian Infrastructure Plan provides the government’s response to Infrastructure Victoria’s 137 recommendations. It also incorporates a 5-year plan of projects and reforms across nine key sectors. Each of these is assessed against the plan’s four objectives and Infrastructure Victoria’s 137 recommendations in a technical report.