Why now

We are entering a population boom. Highly skilled people from across Australia and around the globe are choosing to live and work in Victoria.

By 2051, 10.1 million people will call Victoria home. This means a number of things:

  • we will grow a critical mass of people and the skills needed to deliver continued economic success
  • our business sectors will have a larger domestic market and greater ability to attract investment into Victoria
  • our culturally-rich communities will have even greater diversity
  • more global connections forming a basis for international partnerships, trade and investment

Population growth chart

Figure 1: Victoria's projected population growth

Planning for a Victoria of 10+ million

Population growth will increase demand for services like health, education and transport. The right planning decisions must be made now so our infrastructure can accommodate the needs of a much larger Victoria.

That growth must be planned. In a way that maintains liveability in all parts of the state.

Our regional and suburban growth areas need public transport, schools, roads, hospitals and jobs to serve new residents. Established suburbs in urban areas need support to accommodate greater diversity. Employment centres, road and rail networks are a priority right across the state.

The Victorian Infrastructure Plan takes a long-term view of the state’s current and future infrastructure needs.

Victorian Infrastructure Plan Victorian Infrastructure PlanPDF (6.69 MB) Victorian Infrastructure Plan Victorian Infrastructure PlanDOC (4.33 MB)